ALS Never Surrender

September 3, 2017
Android Development

As my senior capstone project, my team of 3 classmates were given the opportunity to work with the organization ALS Never Surrender. The goal of the ALS Never Surrender organization is to put an end to the helpless feeling ALS patients feel by empowering them to play an active role in monitoring their own progression but also ensure that each patient’s journey is tracked for current and future researchers to help unlock the mystery of this disease. Our task was to create an android version of this organization’s ideal monitoring application to allow for ALS patients to contribute their day-to-day condition and intake regimen to ALS Never Surrender organization.

The application on the Android device would serve as a daily check up on a patient's vitals and medicinal intake. With the patient’s intake and vitals in context, the application will provide a means of testing range of motion on arms and legs and exhaustion of fingers and toes in a forty second screen tapping assessment.