Camp Key Web App

December 11, 2018
Web Development

The goal of this project was to familiarize myself with the Node.js environment. Bootstrap allowed me to quickly prototype features with, while bland, easy and responsive built in templates. Through node, building capabilites into the application such as authenication was pretty straightforward with packages like express and passport.

This application's backend is probably the most extensive and featured project I have built soley on my own. It served as a test of my ability to stay the course. Not to get discouraged by a fatal bug or distracted by getting hung up styling a page to perfection. There are still many features I'd like to add down the line such as Google Maps integration, star ratings, and local photo uploads. This project will continue to serve as a functionality-first focused project with a strong emphasis on good coding practices and structure. Stay tuned for further developments!

Project Overview


Lines of code: 2,302
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