Submarine Subs

April 20, 2015
C# Development


A C # game which utilizes Object Oriented Design patterns. Users are to build as many sandwiches as possible in accordance to predetermined recipes displayed in the game’s user interface. This game was a lot of fun to make along side my team members. It was the first project I had been proud of from top to bottom. Every single visual element was created from scratch for the project and the idea was completely novel exceeding all expectations had by the professor. It was built in the span of 2 weeks using Visual Studio WPF and Adobe Illustrator. The code is available for view on my github.

Simple Game: Simple Layout

The instructions are explained in a choice of 3 languages. The theme of the sandwich shop is carried throughout the various pieces of UI.


Race against the clock to create as many sandwiches as you can from the menu before time runs out!

Go For Gold

Depending on your performance, recieve a ranking for bragging rights. Prove who truly is the sub making machine.


Lines of code: 1,501
Contributors: 3


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